Sunday, June 11, 2023

She Was Loved - 7 Years

 Wow! It has been 7 years since darling Mousie crossed the Bridge. Another lifetime ago. I always wonder if she knew she was loved. Cats are curious creatures. I believe this is why 1 year is equal to 7 years for them. They seem to hold knowledge and they are ever so sentient. They feel grief, loss, and love as we do for them. Her people told me once that when they came home from holiday and she saw them instead of me, she moped off and hid! They even rang me to ask if she was okay during my stay. She was fine, she just missed me. 

Although I do check in here from time to time, I always get choked up as it is like stepping in to my past. Is it possible for something to bring happiness and sadness at the same time? Yes. 

Here are some pictures of dear Mousie. There are so many to choose from. I love them all.




                                           Not So Serious!


catladymac said...

We know what you mean - we enjoy seeing your memories too, as we do the pictures that hold the memories of our own kitties. Purrs and purrayers.

catladymac said...

And of course she knew she was loved !

Gidget Blue Sky said...

she wuz beautiful!!!!!!

Erin the Cat Princess said...

Such a fine companion. And yes, all cats are sentient, as are all creatures. The joy we have is rather than dying, Mousie will have moved on to another body and another life. Maybe you will have met again already? Maybe you have adopted another fine feline and saved another sentient life?
Sunday purrs and happy memories

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Seven years doesn't seem possible, but then I remember it is 10 years for Eric and 6 for Flynn. We never stop loving or missing them.
I agree, happiness and sadness go hand in hand. When I do my memories post every Friday, although they make me smile they still bring tears.

TimberLove said...

Wooo, we stopped to paw respect,


Zoolatry said...

We've always remembered Mousie ... and you ... with fondness.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

She absolutely knew she was loved.