Friday, May 19, 2017


Hi Guys,

Still no computer, but it's getting closer. You are all in my thoughts. I have been having a bit of a clear out at my house, and I found my old camera that I took the bulk of my pics of Mousie over the years. In early 2014 before she got sick the first time, I was babysitting her and we were in the basement where she spent most of her time. She would hang out on the bunk bed, as it was her bed. I had been snapping away, and had to take a break to go to the human litter box. I left the camera in the middle of the bed. When I came back, in time-honoured kitty fashion she had pushed it to the edge and knocked it to the ground. Moooouuussssee! Noooo! My camera is NOT a hockey puck. Anyway, it was permanently broken as the lens doesn't wind back in when I switch the power off. I didn't throw the camera out because I like it too much, but time went on and I bought a cheaper one, and eventually joined the rest of the world and got an android phone which takes tremendous pictures. When I chanced upon the camera last night, I switched it on, and surprisingly the battery hadn't run down. I looked at the album, and there they were: pics of Mousie! It was such a lucky discovery and really brought back memories. As soon as I can, I will post them.

Enjoy the springtime.