Saturday, June 10, 2017

Mousie - One Year On

One year ago today, at 10am exactly, I lost my closest pet friend. She was my confidante, and my wing-man - or perhaps I was hers. She brought me so much happiness, and I would so look forward to our visits. As we all know, from around this time last year the whole world has gone through epic, unforgettable and deeply upsetting changes. It almost seems like she thought, "I'm outta here!" before things got really tough. The world always seems empty when someone special to us is gone. There have been so many horrific actions taking place around the world, and sadly I don't see this changing any time soon. People are loosing their family set ups left right and centre on a daily basis, and it reminds us of what small grains of sand we are on this great piece of rock hurtling through the Solar System. On a personal note, my life has gone through some big and sudden changes. Some good, some not so great. But one thing is for sure is that as soon as Mousie died, almost immediately things started to go haywire. And I was thinking I better hang on tight, because I'm on my own now. And there have been several moments where I have wanted to escape and go see her, and thought this was one big practical joke and she was never sick and she's still there at that house. But she isn't. And she won't be. Yes, I have got used to it the way you get used to body aches and pains - you learn to tolerate it as you don't have a choice - and have had some major things to occupy my time with. I also know it is unhealthy to hang on to the past, but I believe we are all guilty of that to some extent. 

I am still without computer and posting from a cafe. I have done as before and emailed pics to myself from my phone which are from late 2015 early 2016.

 It is important to read and keep abreast of things.
 Always important to wash at any given moment!
 One of the last pics of her in - her - garden. She didn't get out there much towards the end.
 Looking wistful with purrfect lighting.
 Dignity in the face of adversity.
 Giving me her 'special look'.
She conquered the feather kitty-tickler fair and square, so it's only polite to take a nap on it!

She was the Great Lady of Dignity and the Grand Dame of North London. She touched my life for 14 years, and provided me with special memories. 

Bless all of you making your own special memories with your little friends. 

Thursday, June 01, 2017

The Last Time I Saw Her Well...

Hi Guys,
A year ago yesterday, 31st May, was the last time I saw Mousie in good health. The following visits a week later she was very ill. I did not upload yesterday as I didn't have access to a computer(still!). Fortunately, I still have the pics from the last 18 months on my phone, so what I did was emailed them to myself, opened the email at internet cafe, downloaded them and then uploaded on to the blog and...voila! here they are. They came out a bit narrow, but whatev.

She looks so serene, you wouldn't be able to tell she was suffering. I miss her every day.