Wednesday, August 20, 2014

40 Winks? - No Way!

So, last Friday night I received a text asking me to go and feed Mousie her morning meal (with meds) because no one was home to do so. Great. I went up there and decided to stay over.
But there was a problem: she WOULD NOT LET ME SLEEP! She kept climbing all over me, and head butting me, and wedging herself where SHE was comfortable. And just as I was drifting off...nooooo! she was up and walking all over me! 
Which was a bit evil
But at least SHE was comfortable!
And she got a restful night's sleep.
Mousie - pleeeez! Let me SLEEP!


Louche Tabby said...

I swear, I got 45 minutes straight sleep the whole night! This has never happened before. She must've been happy to see me. But I had to go home to my own bed to sleep!

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

She's even worse than Binga!

Flynn said...

And mum thought I was bad!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Hannah is Queen of the bed here - Lucy sleeps on a quilt in a chair in the lounge out the way of Miss Bed Hog! Mum hangs on to one edge of the bed and Hannah enjoys the rest of it.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Everycat said...

Nice work Mousie!