Thursday, March 01, 2007

Carry That Weight

So, has anyone ever seen/read this hilarious book?
It's a parody of a book called: "French Women Don't Get Fat" (which they don't).

I can confirm-these kitties are NOT French!

Discuss, s'il vous plait.


Emma's Kat said...

I've heard of the book for French women, but not for kitties. I'll have to check it out from the library. It looks very funny! Yes, Marley and Missy are "pleasantly plump", lol!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Pouced you! Ok, so Marley an Missy aren't French, but they are well fed. Which reminds me... Moooooom! I'm hunnnnnnngryyyyyy again.

A book suggested regarding our boy's problems: All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome. Not a parody but a description of AS paired with great kitty pictors. But he's mostly, kinda, amost a normal boy. An normal is boring, so we love him.

Kim said...

Well, I recognized MBE right away, and I recognized Emma's bed, but was wondering who the kitty was. Marley looks so red in that picture. They both have such cute tummys!

Have to check out that book, looks hysterical.


Those books are very funny. My father in law sends them to us...

You two look very very happy:-)

caspersmom said...

I'll have to check at the library tomorrow about these books cause I have never heard of them before. Casper is sitting right next to me while I'm trying to type. And he says "my that looks like Missy." "What is she doing on Mouse's site??" "What is Rosie doing to me??"

Ahh he's purring but still not saying anything.

Looks like Marley is having a great nap.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Awwww, look at Marley and Missy. How sweet.

That's a lot of cat in those two pictures.

Missy says hi to Casper! I think that's a purr!!??

Anonymous said...

Hey Rosie I'm glad you got a blog.
I knew wo those two puff balls were as soon as I saw them. I LOVE the "fluffy" kitties sooooo much. I would love more than anything to pet the exposed bellies.