Saturday, September 06, 2014

Mousie Freestyle

Great news, Mousie's beans have gone on holiday to France and taken the evil doggies with them. (I hope they leave them there!)
The sons have stayed home, so while I'm not officially babysitting, I have been informed that I can go and visit her in the daytime whilst the boys are at work.
 So we're gonna take advantage of the garden while there's still some summer left.
 And gaze into each other's eyes.
And eat chicken!


Louche Tabby said...

I went up there today for a short visit, and she saw me she let out this very sharp "aar" sound, as if to say, 'where have you been?'. We got straight down to business and I broke up one of the chewy sticks - turkey flavour - that she practically inhaled. And then we went outside. Now as she's practically got all of her strength back, we did a bit of playing with a random branch which she dutifully attacked and stripped of it's leaves!

Summer at said...

How fun!

Flynn said...

Sunshine and chicken, sounds like a good plan.

Everycat said...

This sounds like three weeks of bliss for you both. We've been promised a long warm September too, so lots of sunbathing, lots of chicken, playing in the sun and best of all, love


Brian said...

Thanks for the purrs for Zoe, we sure appreciate them!