Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Pippa versus Mousie

There has been alot of media attention on Pippa Middleton's butt.

(Pippa's butt)

There has even been a Facebook page set up in her/it's honour. So far there are over 30,000 fans of the page.

(Mousie's butt)

I personally feel outraged that the most contemporary, relevant and important butt on the web has been overlooked because of that damn wedding: Mousie's butt!

Why is there not a Facebook fanpage?



Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

There is definitely something not right there!

Rosie(who else?) said...

Mousie's butt is far more pert and hairy than Pippa's and secondly, she loves it when you stroke it but Pippa would probably give you a swipe if you tried to pat hers!

Athena said...

seriously! what's wrong with this picture?